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Since the advent of the Internet, we've all come to expect fast service from a range of companies that trade on the Net, which is great when booking a quick flight or a weekend getaway. For more substantial trips, the Internet remains a maze of guesswork, and trips organised independently often lead to disappointments, if not worse. At France Tourism, we aim to provide value, expertise and the highest level of personalised care and service for you, while remaining at your finger tips.

We don't just book flights and hotels, we tailor-make travel. Our travel counselors are here to source and explore the best options for your travel needs, be it business travel or the holiday of your dreams. We aim to provide the best for the individual - for you.

France Tourism will act as the link between you and your destination; an advocate for you. We will be there for you before, during and after your trip, and especially if something unexpected occurs.

We are recognised by the French Tourist Bureau - ATOUT Sydney

France Tourism is a one-stop shop for all your French and European travel needs.

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