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Canals & Rivers


France Tourism is specialised in tailor-made travel and provides you a multiple range of cruise options all over France. These tours offer hotel-cruises & self-drive cruises, maps and many additional services that will match your needs.

Self-drive Canal hire

We provide you top quality canal boats without the need of a license.

The expertise and passion of our staff for boating holidays will make your cruise a unique and memorable experience in the most beautiful regions of France.

A simple and practical initiation will teach you how to cruise our boats. A technician will give you all the instructions you need to ensure you feel at ease:

You will learn about how to use the equipment, engine and command post. In no time at all, you will feel at home in your boat.



Let yourself get carried away with a unique and unforgettable journey on the waterways of France and enjoy the breathtaking scenery on the RhA?ne, SaA?ne, Loire, Garonne and the Seine.

Our ships will take you to riverside cities in France where you can explore and enjoy local food, wine, history, art and culture.

All the vessels are fully inspected on a regular basis, and are consistently renovated and upgraded to keep pace with safety standards as well as your needs.