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Why travel by train?

By day you can relax and enjoy the passing scenery and at night save on accommodation by taking an overnight service, arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to explore.

From the most cosmopolitan cities to the tiniest towns, travelling by train is the best way to get around. Trains travel from the heart of one city to the next, so that your next adventure can being straight away; no traffic jams, frenzied airport connections or costly transfers. Your rail travel will be a unique part of your holidays experience and will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

10 Reasons to Travel by Train

No hassle: Travel from city centre to city centre, smoothly and efficiently. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Go where you want: Travelling by rail gives you the freedom to travel where and when you want.

Save money: Heavily discounted tickets are available when booked in advance and passes not only offer various fare discounts but some also offer a range of bonus free or discounted services.

Go when you want: With multiple train services every day on most routes, you can make the most of your trip. There is no need to compromise your itinerary as there is bound to be a train that suits your needs.

Easy day trips: Board the train in the morning in one city and you can be in another in time for lunch; do some shopping and sightseeing, returning in late afternoon.

Travel in style: Most of today's modern train fleets offer comfortable, spacious interiors and a choice of 1st or 2nd class. Some train services include a meal in the fare, alternatively many offer a trolley service and most feature bar cars.

Get off the beaten track: With 240,000 kilometres of track, rail reaches into virtually every corner of Europe through forests, fields and mountains that you just can't access by road.

Meet the locals: Train travel gives you the opportunity to meet the locals, learn more about their country and get tips on secret destinations only locals know about.

Environmentally friendly: Today's high-speed rail systems are more environmentally friendly than air or road travel.

Children Travel Free: Travelling through the Europe has now become even more affordable for families with children now travelling free.

Eurail Passes now allow up to two children (4-11 years) to travel free; depending on the pass that means free travel in up to 28 countries.

Youth age range is now 12 to 27 years inclusive and they can start the pass anytime before they turn 27, and may turn 28 during the 2 month validity.


  • - Global covering up to 24 countries
  • - Select multiple countries
  • - One Country

Eurostar UK to France and Belgium or v.v.

From: London  - Ebbsfleet - Ashford

To: Amsterdam - Brussels - Calais - Lille - Paris  - Marne la Vallee (Disneyland)

Other French cities: Lyon, Avignon, Marseille

PASSHOLDER FARES London to Paris/ Brussels will require use of a day on the Eurail Pass

For full fare details and availability please contact us

Europe by Rail

Train Tickets

Individual train tickets are ideal for those doing limited travel and know exactly where they want to go. There is a wide range of fares that vary depending on what country you are travelling in.

Looking to do a limited amount of travel or just want to get from A to B then an individual ticket will be your best option for city to city tickets ask us for a quote.