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Description From A$ 25.20

LCB3 - LYON CONFLUENT CRUISE (1H) - $25.20 per person- minimum 2 persons

Departure from Lyon

30 April to 1 September: Monday to Friday: 14h00 and 16h30

                                    Saturday: 14h00, 15h45 and 17h00

                                    Sunday: 14h00 and 16h30.

02 September to 06 November: Monday to Sunday: 15h30

07 November to 18 December: Friday to Sunday: 15h30


Explore Lyon and its various facets, from the Saône River to the quays of the Rhône River, passing by the innovative urban planning of the new, environmentally-friendly Confluence quarters.

The journey begins at the Célestins quay, near Bellecour. Going down the Saône River, you’ll enjoy an unbeatable view of the Old Lyon district.

Admire the Saint-Jean Cathedral and reach the meeting point of the two rivers.
Pass through the incredible Confluence area and navigate on the Rhône River.