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Lascaux IV (4h30)

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XO6Lascaux IV tour (4h30) $169.68 per person (minimum 2 persons)

Daily from Sarlat

Departure morning or afternoon



Skip the line tickets.

We organize the tour according to the visit time of Lascaux 4: Visit of Lascaux IV and 1 attraction of your choice (see below).






Additional price: Adult: $13.44 - Child 5-13: $8.40 - Child under 5: free

Duration 60 minutes

Visit of the troglodytic site occupied since the prehistory, once inhabited by cavemen, used as a fort in the Middle Ages and lived in until 1966 by farmers.

The famous prehistoric statue “Venus de Sireuil” was discovered here. Your visit will take you along a series of caves in the cliffs which have been used as shelters throughout history and where numerous tools and arms fashioned by man over 12,000 years ago have been discovered. There are more than 100 reconstructions of animals and people. A botanic walk through the woods.







Additional price: Adult: $10.08 – Child under 18: free

Duration 60mn

Self-guided visit of the National Prehistory Museum, the most important one in France.


Seventy six years ago today, on 12 September 1940 four teenage boys made one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century: the extraordinary cave of Lascaux. Opened to the public in 1948, it was not long before more than 1,000 visitors a day came to see the Stone Age images that changed the way in which we think about the history of art. Sadly, by 1955 there were already signs of trouble. And so in 1963 access to the cave was restricted. A replica was built, every bit as extraordinary as its original, and opened in 1983. Lascaux 2 attracts over 250,000 visitors a year. In a few months time, 15 December, Lascaux 4 will open.







Additional price: Adult: $15.12 – Child +13: $11.76 – Child 5-13: $8.40 – Child under 5: free

Duration 60 minutes

On a cliff overlooking a tranquil section of the River Vezere is the remains of a large troglodyte town. The cliff has evidence of use as a shelter for Neanderthal man (50000 BC), Cro-Magnon man (25000 BC) and since then up until the Renaissance in 1588 when the trogolodyte town and fortress that had grown up was destroyed in the Wars of Religion.

The town occupied 5 terraces in the cliff face using naturally hollowed out caves in the limestone cliff. 91 metres above the ground and more than 800 metres long, the Roque Saint Christophe really is a remarkable troglodyte development.




February to December

Additional price: Adult: $15.12 - Child 5-13: $6.72 - Child under 5: free

Duration 60 minutes

The Maison Forte de Reignac is a kind of fortified Manor House that has been built into the rock. The majority of its roof is the overhanging cliff that is above it. Its modest appearance on the outside belies the scale of the building on the inside.

The Maison Forte de Reignac has been closed to the public until recently. It is now the only cliff-castle of its type in France that is so totally intact.

Permanent exhibition of medieval torture instruments inside.







April to 11 November

Additional price: Adult: $15.12 - Child 13-18: $10.08 - Child 6-13: $6.72 - Child under 6: free

Duration 60 minutes

Like many of the castles in the region, the chateau played its key role during the Hundred Years War, and then later in the Wars of Religion. A village once stood around the castle but is no longer in existence.

Despite the many changes made to the castle over the centuries, you still feel that you are in the presence of a medieval castle, with its towers, strong defensive walls and a substantial main building, around a central courtyard.





31 March to 04 November

Additional price: Adult: $13.44 - Child 5-13: $8.40 - Child under 5: free

Duration 60 minutes

Reproduction of life scenes during Prehistory.


"As you walk throuLife-size of the daily life of the earliest Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon hunters have been recreated for the first time ever. At the heart of a 5-hectare park, explanatory panels help you to understand their ways and customs. As you walk through the park, you will go in your ancestor's steps."




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