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CCLO Skip the Line Ticket for the Louvre Museum and Paris City Tour- 5 H. $72.24

1 April – 31 October
- Daily departure from central Paris at 9.00, 10.00 or 12.00
Except Tuesdays, 05 Apr, 01&03 May, 07 Jun, 05&19 Jul, 02 Aug, 06 Sep, 04 Oct


- Visit the Louvre at your own pace and discover the great artistic works

- Priority access to the Louvre for a peaceful visit

- Explore the districts of Paris on board a covered panoramic bus

Skip the line with this ticket and quickly gain access to the world-famous Louvre museum, located in the heart of Paris on the banks of the Seine.

Previously a residence for the King of France, the Louvre is now the most-visited museum in Paris and one of the most famous internationally. Admire the glass pyramid at the museum entrance, which was inaugurated in 1988. It allows visitors to directly reach the main lobby.

Your ticket gives you open access to artwork of varying styles from many different eras, completed in numerous countries the world over. Among them, you will find:

- Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, also known as "La Gioconda", which represents Lisa Gherardini, Francesco del Giocondo's wife
- The Venus of Milo discovered in the Cyclades of Greece, symbolizing the goddess Aphrodite
- The Victory of Samothrace taking the form of the goddess Niké landing in the front of a vessel
- The Marriage of Cana, by Paul Veronese, the largest painting in the Louvre, describes the scene of Christ's first miracle turning water into wine during a marriage
- The rite of Napoleon shows the coronation of Napoleon I in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris
- The jellyfish raft by Theodore Géricault that painted the wreck of the frigate Medusa stranded in Mauritania in 1816

After your visit, you can wander through the Tuileries gardens to Place de la Concorde. If you decide to continue your stroll down the Champs-Élysées, why not visit the Arc de Triomphe, which stands tall at the end of the avenue?

The Louvre Museum ticket is combined with a tour of the city of Paris in a panoramic bus. The city tour leaves from central Paris. Discover the neighbourhoods and landmarks of Paris while listening to an individual audio-guide commentary. You can choose to take your city bus tour before or after your visit of the Louvre museum.



Child (3 to 11y.o.)





- Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00 except Wednesday and Friday till 21.45

- Skip-the-line access is subject to restrictions: As part of “Vigipirate” security measures, security checks and unexpected wait times may increase wait times.

- Museum audio guides are available on site for $8.40 per person

- No priority access to temporary exhibitions

- The visit will begin with a tour of the city

- The time indicated on the voucher corresponds to the time of the city tour

- Due to renovation works or loans, some works of art may be temporarily unavailable

- The Coronation of Napoleon is inaccessible for renovation until November 2019

- The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition is not included in our tours



- Entry ticket with priority access

- Access to temporary exhibitions

- Panoramic bus Paris city tour


Not include: the Louvre audio guide OR Transport