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Description From A$ 142.80

MF VT10 - LUXURY & PLEASURE AROUND LE LOUVRE - 2H30 - minimum 2 persons

$142.80 per person

Daily from 10:00 to 12:30


Let you indulge in the upper-class neighbourhood of Paris dedicated to pleasure for about 2 centuries. Luxury fashion boutiques, sumptuous hotels, jewellers, theatres continue to make a dream window becomes reality with our tour guide that will help to open the doors. You will hear about the major historical facts that have happened there and discover the hidden gems of the area.

You will wander through the area, going from the large streets with a wide perspective from rue de Rivoli to the most intimate ones, from the Palais Royal court and Vérot-Dodat gallery. You will get to see a variety of shops selected upon their quality and originality, including fashion and perfume stores. 2 tastings in luxury gourmet shops are included. Famous restaurants as well as kept secret addresses will be recommended.