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LOC12 - PARIS LIKE A LOCAL CRASH COURSE - 2H - $114.24 per person minimum 2 persons

Departure time: 10.00


Because we already know the quickest way to your heart, your guide will bring a selection of French pastries to your door which you’ll be invited to devour while he/she begins an introduction into the tricks and tips of Paris.

Your guide will start out by demystifying a map of Paris, pointing out the city’s most interesting neighbourhoods with breakdowns of which sights are worth seeing and which aren’t worth your time. According to your interests your guide can provide you with a list of favourite cafés, restaurants, shopping locations, hidden gardens and courtyards…anything you’re in the market for.

You’ll also get a quick lesson on navigating the city: from finding taxis to using the Velib’ bike rental system and of course the underground metro. Your guide will also run through a valuable list of French phrases which can come in handy when ordering at a restaurant or asking for the check.

You’ll find out how Parisians handle everyday situations like tipping, dealing with moody waiters, avoiding pickpockets, and sidestepping crowds at tourist-heavy attractions. You’ll find out which riverbanks offer the best picnic views, where the classic bistros are, how to find the best cappuccino in town, and lots more.

After your Paris briefing you’ll be ready to step into the glamorous shoes of a Parisian local and strut your stuff as you head out to explore the hidden, chic, and unexpected parts of your neighbourhood. Once out on the street your guide will help you explore the area, explaining the differences between a bistro and a Brasserie for instance, or which type of baguette you should buy in your local bakery. You’ll also descend into a metro station to get a quick hands-on tutorial.

Anything and everything you need to know will be at your fingertips in this valuable Paris introduction tour!



- A selection of fresh and local Parisian pastries

- Customised recommendations according to your interests and budget