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Description From A$ 386.75

OPS5 - Pech Merle Cave & Saint-Cirq-Lapopie Village (9 hours) $386.75 per person (minimum 2 persons)

Departure from Sarlat

Daily from 01 April to 31 October (except August)

From 09.00 to 18.00


The Quercy region is on your program for today. We first head towards the fascinating cave of Perch Merle that still bears some authentic cave, the walls of which are painted with dramatic murals dating from the Gravettian culture (some 25,000 years B.C.). Some of the paintings and engravings, however, could date from the later Magdalenian era (16,000 years B.C.). The walls of seven of the chambers at Pech Merle have fresh, lifelike images of a woolly mammoth, spotted horses, single colour horses, bovines, reindeer, hand prints, and some humans.
After the visit of the cave, we depart for the wonderful village of St Cirq Lapopie, known to be the most beautiful of all the beautiful villages of France. Its position, originally selected for defense, perched on a steep cliff 100 m. above the river The river Lot has helped make the town one of the most well preserved in the area, almost as if it was an open air museum. After it was "discovered" by the Post-Impressionist Henri Martin, it became popular with other artists and the home of the writer André Breton.


Finally, stop in Cahors to admire the only remaining medieval fortified bridge of Europe, the Valentré Bridge.



- Visit of Pech Merle cave
- English speaking driver guide


- Meals & drinks
- Gratuities for the driver/guide