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On Paris's Right Bank in the area of Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries Gardens and Madeleine Church, accompanied by our charming and enthusiastic guide, you'll be invited inside the premises of 5 of Paris's most celebrated master chocolatier for some serious chocolate tasting. Explore off the beaten track down the old cobbled streets, dipping in and out of the glamorous fashion district. Lots to see and hear about on your way and a great chance to try luxury chocolates that will surprise and delight you.
You might think that you know chocolate. But on our Pure Chocolate Walk, our guide will be enhancing your understanding of the world of the cocoa bean and you'll be introduced to 5 very different ways of presenting the absolute best chocolate that money can buy. Each chocolatier has his own creative style and signature. You'll visit the traditional and the classical, the innovator and trendsetter, the old-fashioned artisan chocolate shop and the "designer" who sees making chocolate as an art experience. Your palate will be introduced to new taste sensations - to savoury chocolate, to a myriad of flavours which can be magically combined together to create taste explosions. You'll learn how chocolate arrived in France, the story of the cocoa bean and it's journey through history. You'll be swept up in the search for chocolate excellence and innovation and may never again consider eating chocolate that is not the absolute best! You'll begin to recognise what makes each chocolate creator so special and so different and soon you'll be a chocolate connoisseur. So come along and enjoy. We aim to spoil you. You'll be very pleased that you accepted our 2 hour chocolate challenge.


- Chocolate tasting

- Guided tour