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SIM Card LeFrenchMobile

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Description From A$ 43.68

SIM Card LeFrenchMobile

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 SIM Card




$43.68 for Euros 25 of credit included

From France From the EU
Calls to France & EU

(landlines & mobiles)

E 0.20/min  E 0.20/min
Calls to LeFrenchMobile users (within France & EU) E 0.10/min E 0.10/min
Calls to countries – Group 1 *** E 0.20/min E 1.00/min
Text to France E 0.07/text E 0.07/text
Text to EU E 0.20/text E 0.07/text
Text to – Group 1 *** E 0.20/text E 0.40/text

(without a Data Bundle)

E 0.18/MB E 0.18/MB
Incoming calls FREE FREE
Incoming texts FREE FREE
Voicemail FREE FREE


- Unlimited credit validity






SIM + Data EU




$43.68 for Data Bundle 2GB + Euros 2 of credit included

Data bundle 2GB during 90 days **
For calls and texts * 10 minutes = Euros 2 FREE credit valid
Data bundle: Price / MB France: E 0.0095 / EU: E 0.0125



For both products:


LeFrenchMobile is also…
- A service all in English including website and customer care

- No activation procedure, you can use it directly

- Calling your voicemail for FREE when in France

- Receiving text messages for FREE all over the world

- Receiving calls from anywhere for FREE when in France

- No worries on connection and roaming capabilities

- The credit is valid for all uses, which includes calls, texts, and mobile internet. Once all credit is used, recharge your account with more credit or with a data bundle for France or the EU.

- The tri-format SIM card (normal, micro, nano) is compatible with all unlocked devices

- Incoming calls from EU are FREE

- If the account is not used for a period of 1 month, it will be subject to a monthly fee of Euros 0.90. If you do not have enough credit on your account, you will have two months to recharge or your SIM card will be deactivated.



3 ways to recharge credit or add data to your account:

- via the recharge page

- via text

- via “My Account” section


* In 28 European Union countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

** From 1st day of use

*** Group 1: includes Australia & New-Zealand