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Description From A$ 62.16

TASTING PASSPORT IN PARIS - $62.16 per person


Tasting Passport is a booklet that offers a tasting course of quality food products as well as information about a specific neighbourhood. Discover the city at your own pace while being welcomed by artisans in their lovely shops.


For several hours we will lead you to different specialty food shops to taste the best products of a neighbourhood


Meet 6 passionate artisans and taste 6 delicious products to discover Paris and its gastronomy


How does it work?


1)  Tasting Passport delivered against your e-voucher at the first shop.

2)  Discover the history of the products and other information

3)  Taste amazing products and enjoy your time with the artisans

4)  6 coupons valid for up to 6 months



- One tasting booklet (including products information, anecdotes, maps, description of the artisans…) for ONE person

- 6 products tasting








Eiffel Tower

Les Halles République



Opening hours    

Mon. 16.00 to Sun. 13.00

Tue. 9.00 to Sun. 19.00 Tue. 10.30 to Sun. 14.00

Tue. 10.00 to Sun. 14.00

Products tasting  

- Wine

- Foie gras

- Coffee

- Calisson

(French candy: ground almonds & candied fruits)

- Merveilleux

(mini meringues welded with whipped cream)

- Baulois

(French chocolate cake)


- Tea

- Beaufort cheese

- Delicatessen

- Éclair

- Macaron

- Wine


- Brie cheese

- Delicatessen

- Rillettes

- Wine- Beer

- Coffee


- Olive oil

- Terrine

- Comte cheese

- Biscuits

- Jam

- Chocolate