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Everyone knows that Paris is the world capital of gastronomy and the centre of the tastiest treats in the world. This flavour odyssey will delve into that world by exploring the small boutiques of the Rive Gauche, giving you a rare opportunity to sample some of the finest offerings in town. Your tour of the Left Bank will begin at a chic tart boutique to bite into one of Brigitte Bardot’s favourite cream puff pies. Then it’s into a classic Paris bakery for silky-soft macarons (we highly recommend the pistachio!).

Following this you’ll sample chocolates and creamy caramels at a renowned chocolatier. Stepping into this fancy boutique will be a feast for the eyes—its chocolate wonders are creatively displayed and are sure to get your mouth watering. Chocolate is a matter of national pride in these parts, and we’ve scoped out the most exclusive addresses just for you. Next you’ll be taken to try delicate waffles infused with butter and Madagascar vanilla—a specialty hailing from the French city of Lille.

Following a coffee break in a classic Paris café you’ll discover a particularly decadent French classic, kouignettes, and learn the secrets of how they’re made. Next, chocolates infused with various spices will be on the menu at a hidden emporium that’s very à la mode. A voyage to the Orient will then be evoked as you bite into Middle-Eastern patisseries at a Tunisian bakery.

And last but not least you’ll visit a cream-puff specialist to top off your devilishly decadent outing. If you’re like us and uncontrollably salivating at the thought of all this indulgence, then all that’s left is to book your tour, loosen up that belt and dig in!



- A world-class sampling of deliciously decadent treats
- Helpful tips on shopping, eating, and indulging like a local

- Explanations and insights into classic Parisian delicacies!


*Pro Tip: Each stop on this tour is a great opportunity to pick up that unique Parisian souvenir or gift you’ve been looking for. A great way to share a taste of Paris with friends back home!