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Description From A$ 92.40

OC1 – TOUR DE FRANCE OF WINE – 2H - $92.40

Departure from central Paris

Daily at 17.00


We designed the Tour de France for anyone with an interest in wine. You know the grapes you like but would like to learn more about the French regions? You are coming to France and feel like learning about French wine would be a good thing to do – maybe just for the sake of being able to order the wines you like at a restaurant? Then this tasting is for you.


With a unique and refreshing approach, our sommelier will take you through a variety of themes to build up your wine knowledge. He will teach you how Champagne is made and how to taste wine properly. We will go together through the main wine regions of France – the grapes they grow, the style of wine they make. Your sommelier will teach you how to read a French wine label. He will clarify concepts like Terroir or appellation…


Our tasting is both informative and fun. In just two hours, you will learn a lot, and will taste good French wines.



- 6 great French wines (including 1 Champagne)

- Bread baskets

- English speaking sommelier

- Private room for the tasting

- Wine list that you tasted